Academic and Career Counseling/Advising

SSS provides ancillary academic and career advising. We work closely with departmental advisors, deans and career and placement staff to ensure that SSS students understand the many options available and the requirements that must be met. Advanced Standing Evaluations (ASEs), Degree audit reports (DARS), ASSIST, interest inventories, career exploration, and advanced counseling techniques are utilized. SSS students are expected to meet with an SSS advisor to complete an individualized learning plan (ILP) which can help structure their academic and career goals.

Our SSS advisors employ holistic techniques designed to address the needs of the whole student. Thus, SSS students can feel comfortable sharing their academic, career, or personal concerns with their advisors to work on solutions to their problems.

Graduate and Professional School Advising

We encourage our students to pursue graduate and professional degrees and SSS advisors are also available to advise students on a one-on-one basis.