Structured First Year Experience

Student Support Services (SSS) offers an orientation for new SSS students entering San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the fall of every academic year. The orientation explains the basic services and policies of SSS while introducing the new students to SSS staff. New SSS students are expected to attend advising and tutoring, complete academic workshops and learn practices conducive to successful academic progress.

Priority Registration

SSS students are given priority registration to all classes helping to ensure that SSS participants are able to register for the classes and professors they need to help them graduate in a timely manner.

Assistance with Other SFSU Departments

SSS can provide some application assistance with admissions, remediation, financial aid, housing, and other academic processes at SFSU. We also serve as an advocate and assist students with personal matters.

Informational Resource

SSS provides a wide variety of information on topics such as scholarships, awards, grants, volunteer placements, and other opportunities to get involved at SFSU and the surrounding Bay Area community through regular email updates.