Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO program established at San Francisco State University in 1997. SSS is a part of the Educational Opportunity & Pathway Programs (EOPP). Our program objectives are to increase the retention and graduation rates of 160 students and provide intensive academic advising, tutorial, workshops, priority registration and SSS grants (when available) while our students are in their first two years of college.

Student Support Servces is unique from other programs on campus in that we offer holistic services that address the whole student; to ensure that their needs are understood and met; many of our tutors were once SSS participants as well. We also emphasize a sense of community in our program as students are encouraged to help each other during study sessions while also using our tutorial room as a central gathering location for meetings or for lunch.


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For detialed instructions on scheduling an advising appoitment, click here: How to Schedule an Advising Appointment